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Boosting Tiger Fitness' Sales

Tiger Fitness wanted to reach new customers and encourage them to make a purchase, increasing sales while increasing return on ad spend.
31% decrease in CPA
9X increase in ROAS
27% increase YoY revenue
Tiger Fitness

Our Execution

Tiger Fitness partnered with Skylab Media on a multi-phase campaign to broaden its audience and then turn prospective customers into buying customers.

Tiger Fitness dedicated 65% of its budget to acquiring new customers. To find them, we selected broad audiences of people ages 25–44 who were interested in subjects like CrossFit and bodybuilding, making sure the audiences did not overlap. Skylab served these audiences photo ads and animated GIF video ads.

The team also showed the ads to lookalike audiences based on past purchasers and people who had added products to their carts (but not purchased) to widen its reach even more. To be sure it was connecting people who were not yet familiar with the brand, it excluded those who had visited the website or made purchases in the last 30 days.

The team used approximately 35% of its budget for remarketing, selecting the conversion objective in Facebook’s Ads Manager. The Facebook pixel, which was installed on the Tiger Fitness website, provided information about activities on the website, so the team could show video ads to people who had added products to their carts or viewed content within the past 7, 14 and 30 days. This approach allowed the team to reach out to website viewers at different times during the customer journey.

The team included different key messages to these groups, testing ads that sent viewers to the home page versus ads that sent viewers to product pages. The sense of urgency in the messaging increased for viewers who expressed greater interest.

For both customer acquisition and conversion ads, the team selected automated placements, allowing Facebook to select where the ads would be shown across Facebook’s platforms.

Note:  Skylab did not work on this account, but our team members have during previous work relationships.

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