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Increasing Pair of Thieves' Market Share

Skylab worked with the apparel brand to help them extend their brand reach, acquire new buyers, and better retain existing customers.
8.5X increase in growth list
42% of revenue from Email
25% of revenue from automated emails
Pair of Thieves

Skylab Media's Strategy

Our Execution

Pair of Thieves had made a splash with their clever marketing and high-quality products. As they grew to be a national brand, the company recognized that they faced some significant competition and needed to differentiate themselves in a highly-competitive market. Pair of Thieves was looking to increase market share in a highly competitive category. They wanted to find a way to not only acquire new subscribers, but retain and drive more sales from each customer.

Skylab used the combined power of email and social platforms to help Pair of Thieves extend their brand reach, acquire new buyers, and better retain existing customers. In order to make sure messages were seen by the right people at the right time, Skylab had to ensure the Pair of Thieves team had the right tools in place to help them execute. One of the first things we did was migrate Pair of Thieves’ email marketing off of Mailchimp and onto Klaviyo. Klaviyo’s deep integration to Facebook Advertising allowed Skylab to use the two channels side-by-side, and allowed them to play off of each other seamlessly.

To grow the Pair of Thieves customer base, Skylab needed to increase brand awareness and drive people to visit their website. Pair of Thieves had great viral videos, but there was no direct response element to them. Skylab took the Alba/Kimmel video and added a direct response, showing the socks and underwear and sending people to the Pair of Thieves website to check out the products. Unsurprisingly, it worked.

Videos only work if they bring people to the site and we wanted to ensure we were spending ad dollars on people who were most likely to buy. Instead of targeting competitor’s customers as Pair of Thieves had been doing previously, we used Klaviyo segments to build look-alike audiences around the most profitable customers.

Klaviyo’s integration for Facebook’s Custom Audiences allowed Pair of Thieves to integrate their email marketing efforts with their advertising efforts on Facebook to continue to move people down the funnel. The integration allowed them to retarget subscribers who had viewed specific products or abandoned a shopping cart and win back inactive email subscribers.​

Note:  Skylab did not work on this account, but our team members have during previous work relationships.

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