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Growing Fourlaps Email List

One of the metrics Fourlaps wanted to see was list growth. Knowing they had a small list of subscribers, one of our main goals was to find their audience and grow their presence in a very competitive space.
20% increase in list size
50% uptick during BFCM
20% of all revenue stems from Email

Skylab Media's Strategy Partnering with Fourlaps

Our Execution

With Facebook acquisition and the use of onsite pop-ups, we were able to grow their list by over 20% and see that translated to more revenue per email send.

Fourlaps had their best month to date when we ran their Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns through Klaviyo. They ran three different promotions (the only time they ever discounted while working with Skylab) through the span of the week for Pre-Black Friday, Black Friday through the weekend, and Cyber Monday. Along with setting up over 30 unique announcement bars in JustUno with targeted messaging, including countdown timers and dynamic cart values for their tiered discounting promotion, we created specific flow emails for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to capture as many new email addresses during the increase in traffic coming to the site. These timely assets all contributed to increasing conversions significantly and the clients saw their best month ever.

We have consistently contributed 20% to over 30% of monthly revenue through the email channel using segmented campaigns and targeted flows in Klaviyo. This client does not prefer to run sales, so we are getting the best margins and returns through email. Klaviyo syncs seamlessly with Shopify, so we are able to create segments to target specific users for a campaign send, or filter out subscribers based on purchase behavior.

In addition to vast segmentation options, the reporting in Klaviyo makes it easy to tell the client which campaigns have performed really well, in terms of open rates, clickthrough rates, revenue, and number of purchasers. Looking at these KPI’s gives us all insight into what their engaged subscribers are responding to in our email efforts.

After the holidays, Q1 has been a great time for revenue growth as customers are and want to be motivated to focus on their fitness after the new year and during the warmer, active months.

Note:  Skylab did not work on this account, but our team members have during previous work relationships.

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